Unfortunately, there will not be a Hoosier to Hoosier Sale in 2021 or in the foreseeable future. Please read below to find out how things have changed for us. Thank you for your continued support to divert usable waste from the landfill!

The Hoosier-to-Hoosier Partnership is a waste diversion program. We accept tons of usable items from Indiana University residence centers and Bloomington community members each spring and summer and provide needed items to about two dozen local nonprofit charitable organizations (including the Shalom Center (now Beacon), the Bloomington Animal Shelter, Middle Way House, Monroe County United Ministries, the Hoosier Hills Food Bank, and Teachers Warehouse). At a time when local needs have skyrocketed and local charities are starved for resources, these tangible donations are especially useful.


In 2009 a small group of activists - Steve Akers and John Patishnock of Indiana University and Jacqui Bauer of the City of Bloomington - planned to collect the 50 tons of usable items left in IU residence centers at the end of the school year and keep them from adding to the local landfill in Terre Haute and the burden of climate change. Twelve years later, the Hoosier-to-Hoosier Sale now diverts up to 80 tons of usable items each year and provides them at no cost to local nonprofits: everything from clothes to coffee makers, from comforters to crutches, from winter coats to wastebaskets, from pillows to pencils.


H2H is a zero-waste event. Everything not donated goes to Goodwill, thus reducing the waste burden on the city and university community. We are a completely volunteer-driven event, relying on community members for everything we do.

With the advent of the novel coronavirus, and students unable to return to campus after Spring Break, the Hoosier to Hoosier Committee had to think quickly to come up with an alternative to distribute the items left behind. It could be said that with the change in venue, our partners pulling back from their involvement, and COVID, this was the perfect storm for us to reconfigure how H2H would continue its landfill diversion as well as philanthropy. And, guess what? It worked! 

Hoosier to Hoosier was able to coordinate with over 20 local non-profits (within Monroe County and surrounding counties) to provide much-needed items in the time of uncertainty. We worked side-by-side with the organizations to sort through the items left. It was a much different atmosphere. Blessed air conditioning for one!


We continually add new organizations to our list, so if your group could use assistance of this type, please contact us at We would love to partner with you!

You can find a list of organizations that benefitted and volunteered for the 2020 H2H season here.

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Do you get a warm, fuzzy feeling when you volunteer for a good project? Consider volunteering a couple of hours to sort items in the dorms.

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