Why isn't H2H holding a public sale any more?

The coronavirus pandemic made an indoor public sale impossible. Although we know that the public sale will be much missed, it proved to be well beyond our capabilities, given difficulties with sponsorship and our constant and unfilled need for volunteer help. 

Can I help?

Oh, yeah! We still need volunteer help in sorting the donations left in the dorms. The activity usually takes place during the last two weeks in May. Click here to find volunteer opportunities. 

What if I need help for myself or my family?

Please get in touch with any of these local charitable organizations or others to request help. Or call 211 to get information about local social service programs available to you, or go to Dial 2-1-1 | United Way Monroe County (monroeunitedway.org)

So who benefits from all those H2H items now?

 Large numbers of people and families in our community! We work with many organizations that distribute items left behind during mass exodus from the dorms to those in need. 

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